Canon G2010 Driver Download Now [Fix Any Driver Issue in 2020]

Canon G2010 driver download: It is one kind of practical software which is launched by Canon for its G2010 printer equipment. It can help us to use the printer better. After installing the driver, we can make many settings for the printer, such as adjusting the print size and quality, setting.

Download Canon G2010 Driver

It is very convenient to schedule tasks and set the number of printed sheets. The Software Installation Is Fast And Easy To Understand. Using This Program Can Greatly Improve The User’s Work Efficiency.

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Canon G2010 Driver Download

Before using the Canon G2010 printer, we better install the driver to avoid problems such as printer connection errors, abnormal connection, interrupted printing, and no search for printing devices. This will greatly affect our work. We are providing you the 100% free and safe latest Canon G2010 driver download.

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Canon G2010 driver features

  1. Comes with an installation tutorial to help users easily install
  2. Support all Windows systems
  3. Can fully utilize all the functions of the printer

Canon Printer G2010 Driver Suitable Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32 Bit)
  • Windows 10 (64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (64 Bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 Bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32 Bit)

Printer Basic Parameters

  • Product Type – Inkjet Multifunction Machine
  • Resolution – 4800x1200dpi
  • Product Features – Print/Copy/Scan
  • Print Speed – Black And White 8.8ipm; Color 5.0ipm
  • Print Page – A4
  • Interface – USB 2.0

Canon G2010 driver installation

  1. Download the driver, after decompression; double-click to run the Exe installation.
  2. Enter the welcome interface and click “Next”.
  3. Choose your place of residence and click “Next”.
  4. Agree to the installation agreement, click “Yes”.
  5.  Wait for the program installation to complete.
  6. After the driver installation is complete, restart the computer, Canon G2010 all-in-one machine can work normally.

How to scan using Canon G2010 printer?

Canon G2010 can be scanned in the following ways:

  1. The area scanned by Canon g2010 is on the glass layout, place the file to be uploaded face down, put it and re-cover it, and then go to the computer desktop to operate.
  2.  Find and select the control panel in the computer’s start menu, open the control panel, find “Hardware and Sound”, under “Hardware and Sound” there is a “View Devices and Printers”, click to enter.
  3. After entering, you will see the printer in the pop-up dialogue box. Right-click and select “Start Scan” in the drop-down menu. After selection, another window will pop up.
  4. Directly click “Scan” in the lower right corner of the pop-up window. After the scan is completed, enter the name and perform “Import”, so that the whole work is completed, and the folder where the file is located can be remembered.

How to take ink cartridges for Canon G2010 printer

  1. Turn on the power of the Canon all-in-one first. Press the “Copy” button to check the ink level from the small display. Normally, the left side is the colour ink volume and the right side is the black ink volume. If all three bars are transparent, the ink needs to be added.
  2. The chance of one-to-one ink is very high, you cannot add ink or use compatible ink cartridges, only replace the original ink cartridge. The front bezel must be opened, and then the upper cover and the middle plate are raised together to support the support bar.
  3.  After the support is completed, please wait a moment. After the power is turned on, the ink cartridge will automatically slide to the middle for easy replacement.
  4. Generally, there will be marks on the left and right sides of the touch, “C” is a colour ink cartridge, “B” is a black ink cartridge, and the position of the ink cartridge cannot be reversed during installation.
  5. Use your finger to press the convex arc post on the cartridge case. Use the triangle arrow to push the thumb on the cartridge holder to push it in. The jacket will bounce.
  6. Remove the old ink cartridge, open the original packaging of the new ink cartridge, remove the protective film, push it into the cartridge holder, and then gently press down on the outer cover.
  7. Lower the support bar, the ink cartridge will automatically slide to its original position, and the sound of the print head will be heard during the reset process, thus completing the replacement of the ink cartridge.


Today in this post I talked about the Canon G2010 driver. Hope you have downloaded and installed the driver for your Canon G2010 Machine.

Canon G2010 is a multi functional all-in-one machine launched by Canon, including printing, copying and scanning functions. This device can support high resolution, stable performance, and printed images and the quality of the document is excellent.

Some users may not recognize or print after reinstalling the system. If you are having trouble installing the driver for your machine, then let us know by commenting. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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